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designer @bazaarvoice. i design UGC for our clients & moonlight with the product design team. i like CSS3, mix cds, mason jars, and that's what she said jokes.

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Great post, Chris. I haven't blogged in the past, because I have a tendency to feel that there's not much I could contribute to a community with so many great designers and developers already in it. I'm afraid I'll just contribute noise.

That said, Ideas of March, SXSW conversions, and the need for an inspiring side project have gotten the gears turning, and I'm working on a new blog/site project with my developer boyfriend. I'm hoping that we can post more about the big picture of developing and designing a site or an app, and how to collaborate with designers/developers, instead of just posting tutorials and freebies. That's the kind of stuff I prefer to read, at least :)

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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Mon, 21 Mar 2011 at 16:03:13 GMT


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