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I am not sure why you think Flash is a competitor to the web, and it might have helped to explain yourself on that point. Flash is an integral part of the web, and will most likely stay that way for years to come. The many benefits to delivering your message via Flash greatly outweigh the risks of using the technology.

I think Mike Lawrence has made a great case for the use of the technology, and many of the reason web developers "hate" Flash have everything to do with inexperienced developers creating web sites and intros, because their clients asked for them. Point being... there was a huge demand for the Flashy dancing bananas, and everyone with a computer tried their hand at Flash and ActionScript. Yeah, it created some fugly web experiences, but we learn from our mistakes and move on. Flash was not the mistake... the implementation was the mistake. Much like the JS Flashy apps mentioned above.

It would help if there were more articles written and read by seasoned web developers and designers, instead of the hundreds that are produced by web editors just repeating the flavor of the month mantra just to get some site impressions.

We should be "technology agnostic" as someone somewhere recently posted, and learn when and where to use a specific technology. Sometimes Flash is not the answer... sometimes HTML/CSS/JS works better, it just all depends.

A great carpenter has more than one saw in the shop, and knows which tool it best for the job.

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Wed, 23 Mar 2011 at 18:22:49 GMT